To get the most accurate countertop quote for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, you need to know how to correctly measure for countertops. Keep in mind that your measurements are almost always going to be just for quoting purposes. Once you decide to move forward with a specific company they will likely send someone out to ensure the measurements are accurate.

However, you do want an accurate quote, so follow these steps to make sure your measurements are as close as possible.

Before You Measure

Before you pull out your measuring tape, it’s important to remember that granite and marble are cut into rectangular slabs, so when you measure your space you have to think in terms of rectangular pieces. For example, if you have a U-shaped countertop in your kitchen, that would need three separate granite pieces. On the other hand, an L-shaped countertop would need two pieces of granite. So, when you go to measure, you will need to measure for each of those pieces separately. 

One other thing to note is that some granite installation companies will want your measurements in square inches, while others will prefer square feet; be prepared to convert your measurements either way.

How to Measure for Countertops

Now that you understand how to accurately measure for countertops, you’re finally ready to pull out your measuring tape. To calculate the materials you will need, you simply need to measure the length and width of the countertop area – keeping in mind each piece of granite that will be needed. 

For example, if you have a U-shaped countertop, you will need three separate measurements (for the three sides of the U), to be added together in the end.

Part A of the U Shape: 36 square inches

Part B of the U Shape: 36 square inches

Part C of the U Shape: 48 square inches

If your granite installation company wants the measurements in square inches, simply add those together and let them know you need 120 square inches of granite for a U-shaped countertop. If they prefer square feet, just divide that number by 12.

How to Measure for Appliances

While the examples of measurements that we’ve given so far have been pretty simple, if you have a sink or stove that will need holes cut out of the granite, you have an extra step in your calculations. Measure the space the stove or sink will need and subtract it from the total amount. Take note of which section of the countertop that cut will need to be made – your granite installer will want to know. 

Now that you understand how to measure your space for countertops, give the experts at Legacy Granite a call today for a quote!

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